Outer Banks Sunrise

Monday, October 20, 2014


Follow intrepid river rats Betty, LeeAnn, Lisa and Lorna in the orange raft; Monica, Laurelee, Gini and some strange strangers in the blue raft.

The day started with low-key cruising the Rio Grande Gorge through Class II-III riffles.  Low water this late in the season made for lots of rock gardens; dodging rock gardens required navigational skills different from those required when water levels are higher.
We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day to spend on a most magnificent waterway.

(Photos by our bus driver using Lorna's and Lisa's cameras)

Laurelee, Gini and Monica, coming through the slot.

Made it through just fine thank you!

Yellow Raft's turn...The approach...

Sideways through the slot...

YEE HAW!  Betty, LeeAnn, Lisa and Lorna make it through too!

Survivors all!

Many many thanks to Jeanne Bold and stay-at-home-LADEZE for camp and pet sitting while most of us rafted, and one of us swam (my lips are sealed!) on the Rio Grande.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


…in Taos Junction Campground, Orilla Verde National Monument, New Mexico, 2014…
...where Lazy Daze Ladeze came to learn, play, bond, share, sing, eat, drink, laugh, make new friends, reconnect with old friends.  
Here's how they did that!

Starting the "serious segments," Gini rounds us up to show and tell how to locate and check all the under-hood need-to-know essentials that keep our road machines running like clockwork.

And showed us a different style of fuse puller for "that" kind of fuse.  I want one!
When Lisa emptied her Rear Bath's exterior cubbies, out came all the things she uses to minimize rig "issues" and that make her comfortable and confident while driving down the road.

She described each item's use and why she carries it.  Lisa uses those mini orange soccer cones to mark where she wants to aim her rig when backing into a camp site.  (Do you think I ought to visit a sporting goods store soon?!!) 

And demonstrated another neat tool.
Then showed Cindy where to find and how to tighten frame bolts -- easy peasy!  Riiiiight!

Using Joan's sidewalk chalk, Lisa explains how to read tire sidewalls; her illustrated handout helped.
Lots of great emergency ideas and items to include in an "RVers Ditch Bag" surfaced during Lorna's round table ...

…including Betty Jean's "safety spray"- not a deodorant!

Similar to a teacher's mantra ("dull pencil, dull mind"), Gini's mantra is "dull knife, dull food"!!  Gini brought her knife sharpener and took sign ups for her knife sharpening "workshop" to insure we had no dull food.  It worked Gini!!  Thanksabunch!
Jeanne opened her rig for tours to view some fabulous modifications she's made in her Mid-Bath, including LED light conversions, and a beautiful new pantry.
Thermal cooker on hand, Monica started out telling us how she prepared and cooked the delicious stew she had shared with us the night before; then went on to detail the advantages, disadvantages and differences between cooking in a thermal cooker and a crock pot…
…and then segued into how she uses her Cobb BBQ to prepare entire meals, described its history, and where we *might* be able to get one; they're manufactured in South Africa!  Very cool.

Prior to making a decision about towing, Laurelee had conducted a "Tow or No" round table for Ladeze a few years ago.  This year, she followed up with "Tow or No, Part 2":  everything one needs to know about towing, the different required components for rig and toad, the cost, the steps she took to arrive at her decision to tow, and her exciting adventures once in tandem!  Laurelee convinced us "you too can tow"!!
Nancy engaged us with a presentation of the latest information and gadgets for "Staying Connected on the Road," understanding the nomenclature, and the different functions and types of antennas and boosters "out there."  Essential information if one wants to stay in touch.

We'll gladly show you how it's done.  Simple -- all you need is pizzazz and enthusiasm and a compatible group of like-minded women!

After-dinner entertainment by the Ladeze a Cappella Trio.
Now for some audience participation ... how about Kazoo rounds of "Row Row Row Your Boat"?  Think you can handle that?!!  (Sorry about the rotten nighttime photos -- it's called "flash misfire" and "operator error.")

No?  OK, then, retire the Kazoos; let's try something with a Uke melody.
Do Ladeze know how to hoot and holler?  Watch this space!
2nd Annual Olympiad-SillyHat-FreakyWine Night, all-in-one fun.

Betty gets air
Nancy gets air...

Gini gets a leg up!
Rubber balls get air...
How to hu-lu?  LeeAnn shows us how its done!
Silly Hats, Uppity Women and one Uppity Dog!

Rounding out our last night and to sweeten the kitty for next year's Ladeze event, was a spirited auction of one of Jeanne's creative hand-woven wraps.  Jeanne, thank you for your lovely, generous gift.  LeeAnn, thank you so much for your vigorous bidding and generous donation.
To conclude Part I of this post, a few words:  Cindy models the Moderator's Finger and the Uppity Woman's Parking finger (lovingly created by Gini), which, instead of a torch, have been passed to...  Wait for it!  

New Blood!
With mucho gusto, Laurelee Scholes has stepped up to chair the next "generation's" team...
Yes, THAT Laurelee! 

There's no one better qualified or more committed to lead us forward.  Be still my heart!!!   (P.S.  Laurelee, "generation" is defined as a decade!  BWWAAAHAHAHAHAH!)
Thank you Laurelee! 
Joan-on-a-stick "joined" us during the entire 2014 event.  Joan deserves thank you's and kudos for her many years of tutelage, inspiration, and the confidence-building "guts" she has brought to this very Uppity group of Lazy Daze Ladeze!  
Thank you Joan!
And thank you Ladeze all for your energy, enthusiasm, participation; your good will and good sportswomanship, your good vibes; your food, your laughter, your generosity, and your friendship -- what an enriching, satisfying ride this has been for moi.
Stay tuned for more Ladeze stories.  (Hint:  River Rats and Tug-and-Tow-a-Truck!)